Still - EP (Compact Disc)

Still - EP (Compact Disc)


Released 2017

'Still', Jesse Brown's fourth release of solo piano music is similar in character to his 'Trilogy' recording where his mic technique involves an extremely close mic positioning to give you the feeling of sitting right beside him as he plays. The piano used is a rather small upright piano with the practice pedal engaged resulting in some unpredictable note releases and key clicks. Recorded in a quaint room with hardwood floors, the album opens up with "Adrift" - what was simply a warm up for recording 'Looking Back" that ended up just being too sweet to toss in the virtual trash serves as an hors d'oeuvres for the rest of this musical offering. "Floating" displays Brown's creativity at it's finest as he zigs and zags through pitch and time like a disgruntled butterfly, and "Dream" gently brings back the peace. "Stars" chimes in on track 4 with a very melodic waltz and a dreamy bridge section, and "Looking Back" finishes the recording nicely with a subtle gospel flavour and a familiar melody and groove to the EP's opening.

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