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Jesse Brown is a Canadian pianist, composer, and teacher with more than two decades of experience composing and performing music.

20 years ago, Jesse Brown was playing his Fender Rhodes piano on the sidewalk for change and nookie. A nice woman came along and cleaned him up and fed him nutritious food and introduced him to coffee. She has since bore him two sons and threatened to make him get a real job in construction or something if he didn't get his act together. Since then, Jesse has released a number of well reviewed recordings and books, but still had to do some constructing on the side.  


Key Moments!

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  • Records his first solo piano album 'December' in 2012
  • Receives an emerging artist grant for composition from the Saskatchewan Arts Board
  • Composes, records, and publishes 'Heartwork' Album and Book in 2014
  • Performs 'Special Moon' from Heartwork with the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra
  • Original compositions are added to the Conservatory Canada Repertoire list.
  • Records and releases 3 song 'Trilogy' EP in 2017
  • Publishes three volume 'Brown's Notes' Series of music books for the early to late intermediate pianist in 2017
  • Records and releases 5 song 'Still' EP in 2017

Composing success with every note


With two full length, self-produced solo piano albums — December and Heartwork— as well as his newest EP - Trilogy and numerous pieces published through Debra Wanless Music publishing, Jesse has proven he can compose just as well as he can perform. His celebrated studio recordings have been recorded independently and mastered by longtime friend Trevor Case at Case Mastering. His transcriptions and compositions have been approved for use in the Conservatory Canada and the Canadian National Conservatory of Music’s examinations. Most recently, Jesse has published a three-volume collection of music books called Brown’s Notes that were written for the intermediate to early advanced pianist.

In the US, Jesse has recently become a Whisperings Solo Piano Radio artist as well as an Enlightened Piano Radio artist with music from both of his solo piano albums having been added to their rotation. Kathy Parsons, piano aficionado and owner of Mainly Piano  gave both of Jesse’s albums 5-star reviews as well as adding Heartwork to her “Kathy’s Picks” list, and December to “Kathy’s Favourites” for 2016. Donovan Johnson, the program director of Enlightened Piano Radio, raves about Jesse’s work as well, writing "Jesse has created a timeless masterpiece that deserves to be enjoyed for years to come...five stars" - Heartwork review/2016.




"I don’t know how I missed December when it was first released, but it’s never too late to share a wonderful new discovery!...I give it my highest recommendation!"- Kathy Parsons -

" From the artwork, to the composing, to the playing, to the recording itself, Jesse has created a timeless masterpiece that deserves to be enjoyed for years to come. Five stars." - Heartwork Review - Donovan Johnson - Enlightened Piano Radio

"Heartwork is an exceptionally good album from the first note to the last...very highly recommended!" - Kathy Parsons -

"Trilogy is a very pleasant surprise and demonstrates a different side of Brown’s musical personae." - Kathy Parsons -

"Floating is a beautiful, dreamy gem by Canadian pianist Jesse Brown...One moment you are dreaming about having tea with Yann Tiersen, the next moment you realize that your toddler is asleep and it's time to tip-toe out of the room." - 

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