Jesse Brown
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Piano Lessons


The piano is one of the most beautiful, versatile, and powerful instruments in the world. Learning to play the piano has also proven to benefit students both academically and neurologically, while knowledge of the piano keyboard is essential when it comes to current music production and composition.

Private piano lessons are the beginning of a journey into a new language that speaks to the heart of everyone.



Engaging and fun piano lessons for any age



As Saskatoon’s most versatile and popular piano teacher, Jesse aims to make learning to play piano fun and exciting at his “Music'scool.”

Students are provided with:

  • A chance to explore and expand their musical appreciation through a variety of virtual and acoustic instruments.
  • A comfortable and positive learning environment.
  • A focus on boosting musical fluency and building a firm grasp of musical theory.
  • Improved chances of long-term skill development through unique techniques including having the student create piano or piano/vocal arrangements of their favourite songs in the style of their choice.

Because Jesse’s own compositions are part of the Conservatory Canada Contemporary Idioms Syllabus, which can be used for examinations, students can graduate to new levels in a more structured and modern way.

Piano lessons in Saskatoon

A unique and customized learning experience.


Jesse Brown’s Music’scool offers private piano lessons to students of all ages and all styles. With more than a decade of teaching experience, Jesse is the Saskatoon area piano teacher that appreciates the newest pop music hits as much as he does Chopin and Beethoven. As a piano teacher, Jesse understands that every individual has an inherent love of music, and that musical taste varies greatly in style and energy from person to person. His eclectic musical background and extensive experience as a private piano teacher gives students the opportunity to explore and study many aspects of music, from all genres.



Studio setting conducive to a well-rounded experience

Jesse offers private lessons in a teaching studio that features a Petrof IV grand piano, a Drum Kit, an iMac running Finale and Logic Pro X with a wide variety of VST’s for exploring music composition and production. Students will also notice an acoustic and an electric guitar hanging on the wall, an upright piano in the next room, a vintage Fender Rhodes piano and Yamaha CP70B, as well as a Roland digital piano and a studiologic Numa Compact 2. If that isn’t enough fun already, then feast your eyes on his lava lamp and disco ball while petting the worlds greatest dog, Fozzie Bear.

Professional performance experience

Twice a year, students from the Music’scool are provided with the opportunity to perform on a professional stage with a sound and lighting tech at Saskatoon’s premier jazz club, The Bassment. The experience means students get to learn what it’s like to perform in front of an audience, which helps build confidence. These performances are also a fundraiser for the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre, and feature a variety of different styles and levels performing piano solos and piano/vocal performances.