Working on Heartwork engravings with Eudoxia Ypsilanti

First edit of page 1 of Prairie Wind
First edit of page 1 of Prairie Wind

I have recently begun working on “Heartwork” engravings and hope to have the entire book finished by the end of April.  I passionately despise working with Sibelius and Finale, and have found a very nice lady that is helping to get things sorted out properly.


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  1. Walk With Me Jesse Brown 3:21
  2. Prairie Wind Jesse Brown 2:46
  3. Away Jesse Brown 3:48
  4. Moonrise Jesse Brown 2:41
  5. Un Jour De Pluie Jesse Brown 5:07
  6. Banished Jesse Brown 3:07
  7. Morning Bird Jesse Brown 3:03
  8. Firelight Jesse Brown 3:48
  9. Harvest Jesse Brown 2:49
  10. Special Moon Jesse Brown 4:17
  11. Woolly Moose Jesse Brown 2:01
  12. Ephrem's Song Jesse Brown 3:44
  13. The End Jesse Brown 3:14
  14. Sunday Morning Jesse Brown 3:08