Jesse Brown

Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra to perform Jesse Brown Composition???

Long time friend and musical partner in crime Eileen Laverty may have convinced Allan Gilliland to arrange one of my solo piano pieces for the SSO to be used as an orchestral warm up for Eileen’s October 17th Performance. Somebody pinch me!! It was going to be an absolute thrill to support Eileen at the show, but, sweetheart that she is, she couldn’t help but try to lift someone else up with her. Pretty stoked and feeling lucky and unworthy like Garth from Wayne’s World!

Conservatory Canada to include Jesse Brown’s Heartwork as part of their syllabus?!?

Mr. Messy best get cracking on cleaning up his transcriptions!
Mr. Messy best get cracking on cleaning up his transcriptions!

Conservatory Canada’s Repertoire Development Chair, Andrew Harbridge, has listened to the entire Heartwork album numerous times and “loves” the music. Although there are a dozen other members on the committee, Andrew doesn’t anticipate there being a problem with including Jesse’s pieces in the next syllabus. Jesse is now in the process of editing the transcriptions and finding a publisher and distributor. In other news, Jesse’s rubber plant latté art is coming along very slowly.

Jesse Brown’s Musicscool “after school” schedule is full once again.



Although Jesse works with students mainly through the Conservatory Canada program, what makes his school special is the extra curricular work that he does with students and pop music piano arrangements. There is something special about a student working with a song that they find particularly inspiring.  Movie themes, Video game themes, and the occasionally obscure tune end up coming to life on the Petrof Grand.  If you would like to be added to Jesse Brown’s waiting list, please contact him through the link above.  If you are an adult interested in learning to play the piano, there is a small amount of availability between the hours of 12:00p.m. and 3:00 p.m. during the weekdays.

  1. Walk With Me Jesse Brown 3:21
  2. Prairie Wind Jesse Brown 2:46
  3. Away Jesse Brown 3:48
  4. Moonrise Jesse Brown 2:41
  5. Un Jour De Pluie Jesse Brown 5:07
  6. Banished Jesse Brown 3:07
  7. Morning Bird Jesse Brown 3:03
  8. Firelight Jesse Brown 3:48
  9. Harvest Jesse Brown 2:49
  10. Special Moon Jesse Brown 4:17
  11. Woolly Moose Jesse Brown 2:01
  12. Ephrem's Song Jesse Brown 3:44
  13. The End Jesse Brown 3:14
  14. Sunday Morning Jesse Brown 3:08